Five reasons to Locum in the UK this summer!

6 March 2015  •  Working Abroad
Five reasons to Locum in the UK this summer!

Five reasons to Locum in the UK this summer!

1 - Glastonbury

Venture on down to Worthy Farm in Somerset for some hard-earned partying with some of the world’s biggest music stars. Not only is Glastonbury famous for its music and mysticism, but some of the whackiest and out there performances, poetry and art can be found in the many tents and curiosities of the UK’s most renowned music festival!

2 - Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Camp out in one of the world’s most famous heritage sites and celebrate the pagan festival of mid-summer night in the beautiful, rolling countryside of rural Wiltshire. Whilst your there, why not visit nearby Salisbury, one of the UK’s most pretty cathedral towns and refuel with a traditional English afternoon tea before heading home!

3 - Europe on your doorstep!

Exchange rates for visiting Aussies and New Zealanders are better than ever, and what more perfect way to celebrate this fact with an Interrail or country-hopping expedition across Europe to take in some of the world’s best cities on your free weekends. Globe’s current favourites include Budapest, Copenhagen, Rome and–as always–London!

4 - Brighton pier

Brighton, England’s alternative to San Francisco, offers a seaside destination with a vibrant mix of culture, nightlife and twee shopping streets to suit a romantic weekend for two, or a group of work buddies to spend a weekend of fun and frolics by the lapping waves of the English Channel. Be sure to bring a jumper though, even in summer the wind can whip up and chill the most hardened English amongst us!

5 - London’s parks in summer

What better activity with friends, old and new, that chilling in the park with a beer after work? Luckily, London is home to a number of beautiful parks used for centuries as meeting places for friends, lovers and many famous historical figures, to pass the time, plane-spot and while away the summer evenings before heading out to the fantastic nightlife of London’s West End.

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