Five reasons for Canadian Sonographers to live and work in the U.K.

11 October 2020  •  Working Abroad
Five reasons for Canadian Sonographers to live and work in the U.K.

Demand is High for Sonographers

Whether it’s been on your agenda for years or something you’ve rarely even considered, a move to a different country has probably crossed everyone’s mind at some point in their life. There is a big shortage of Sonographers and demand is high for your skills - the requirement within the Commonwealth for Sonographers to come and work here in the UK has never been greater! 

Now, we could list an endless amount of reasons why working and living in the UK is something that EVERYONE has to tick off their bucket list at some point; but here are just five of them:

1. Rate of Pay

At the time of writing, the hourly rate for a sonography locum in the UK is ranging from £35 to £50 ($60 - $90 CAD) per hour. Add this up over a 35-40 hour working week and you’re coming out with a healthy salary that allows you the disposable income you need to travel and enjoy your time here!

2. Expanding your skill set

The completely self-reporting aspect of scanning in the UK is something that will undoubtedly develop your knowledge of the industry! This provides sonographers with further independence and we also find improves job happiness and satisfaction. We have reporting templates that we can provide to you prior to arriving in the UK so you know exactly what to expect for when you get here.

3. The ability to travel UK & Europe

Take Russia out of Europe and Canada itself is bigger than our entire continent! The ability to travel around for a day or a long weekend is endless. London, Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Rome, Dublin and so many more all on your doorstep! In fact, see our Top 5 EU Cities to visit before Brexit for some inspiration.

4. Just for ‘A Change’

As the old saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’, whether this be for two months or two years! As someone who has been on working holidays myself, I can assure you a journey away from your normality can leave you feeling refreshed, fulfilled and ultimately revitalised! We supply locum roles and permanent roles, so whichever is applicable for yourself, we can help.

5.  Make lifelong friends! 

Moving halfway across the world is undoubtedly a daunting and slightly terrifying prospect, but we are on hand to help this move as smooth as possible. Brits are known for being one of the most polite and friendliest bunch of people in the world. We also host regular candidate nights where you can socialise with us and our other Sonographers and Radiographers from around the world!

But hey, don’t just take our word for it! Shelley is a Canadian sonographer who is working with us currently. This is what Shelley has had to say on her journey so far:

"Being a locum Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in the U.K. has allowed me to further my technical skills and challenge my knowledge. In medicine we are always learning, and working in other countries provides a broader experience with different approaches to health care. The staff at the hospitals have been very welcoming, helpful and appreciative. Locuming has allowed me the opportunity to travel extensively and meet wonderful people. 
Globe Locums has been instrumental in my locuming journey. The Globe Locums staff assisted me with information to apply for my licence, visa, bank account, taxes, etc. and continue to keep me informed of changes in the industry. My Globe agent is fantastic, he is always there to answer my questions, give advice and recommendations, point me in the right direction and find me interesting placements.I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in this amazing adventure that is locuming!"

Sarah is another Sonographer who has been working with us following her transition from Canada. Here’s Sarah’s story:

"I had noticed postings for job vacancies in the U.K. through Sonography Canada. How exciting that I had chosen a career that offers such amazing opportunities. James from Globe Locums assisted me through the entire process. He advised me on everything from Visa options to accommodations and found me an assignment in a desirable London hospital. I adapted effortlessly as the work was very familiar to Canadian standards. This decision has given me financial flexibility and geographical proximity to allow me to visit nine European countries in the past year! It has been such a fulfilling experience."

Globe Locums provide both locum and permanent sonography jobs for job seekers from the UK, Ireland and all over the world. To register your interest in locum sonography jobs, please click here.

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