Finding the Right Accommodation for Your Locum Trip

1 October 2019  •  Locum
Finding the Right Accommodation for Your Locum Trip

You’re in the final stages of preparing for your locum job - but before you pack your bags, you’ll need to find a place to hang your hat. There are a lot of questions to ask before you decide on your home, even if it’s going to be a short-term one.

Location Matters

Perhaps you found a great deal on a flat, and it’s got everything you need. You might not want to commit just yet - it could be a lower price for a reason. The money saved on rent might go right out the window on commuting costs. Think of how much time you’re willing to spend in the car or on the train every day. A discounted housing arrangement that’s too far from your workplace might not be worth your time - literally.
Research the areas you’re considering staying; average commute times, travel costs, and even how safe the neighbourhood is. Paying a little extra could be a wise investment in terms of convenience and safety.

Long or Short Term

You’ll need to take into account how long your locum trip is expected to last. For a short-term contract, you’ll want to search for short-term accommodations. Agreeing to a lease for half of the year doesn’t make much sense if you’re only going to need it for six weeks.

Extended stay hotels could be a simpler option if your trip is going to be short. Verify it will have all the amenities you need. If you want to prepare your own meals, make sure the rooms have cooking appliances in the room. You could also find options with fitness centres available.

On the other hand, long term lease agreements tend to be less expensive. So, if you’re committed to relocating for six months or more, you’ll save money by staying away from hotels. Look into corporate apartments - many of them come furnished.

Airbnb is a choice for either scenario, but remember they aren’t regulated in the same way as hotels and flats. You might not find what was advertised, and it can be complicated to launch complaints if everything isn’t up to par. Try to deal with super hosts and pay attention to reviews.

To Share or Not to Share

You may find yourself considering renting a room instead of a whole place to yourself. The biggest pro of this option is the affordability. Your host can also be a good buffer between you and an unfamiliar place.
The downside is the lack of privacy. You’ll be sharing communal areas with at least one other person. You may even need to share a washroom with someone. Safety is a potential concern. You’ll need to establish a good line of communication with prospective roommates, and feel safe sharing a space with them.

Make Yourself at Home

Whether you’re on your own, or your locum agency is working with you to find housing, you want to be happy with your choice. Recognise what is essential to you, and be sure your accommodation meets all your needs. Where you stay will be your home for an extended period - your living experience is key to making your locum trip enjoyable!

We can help. Use our job finding tool to discover jobs across the UK and beyond. Once you’ve narrowed down the location of your desired position, you can begin to look for accommodation that suits you, and our consultants can always offer advice on the matter!

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