Financial recruitment vs healthcare recruitment

31 January 2022  •  Graduates
Financial recruitment vs healthcare recruitment

Deciding how to kick off your career when you graduate can sometimes be a tough decision. If you are looking for a fast-paced and challenging career, one option you could consider is a career in recruitment; this can be a fantastic choice for those who are looking for graduate jobs. Recruitment jobs are booming as the economy improves and employers increasingly need specialist support to fill their vacancies. If you’re looking to enter the sector, many large recruitment firms offer graduate schemes that can help you to develop into an experienced recruitment consultant.

New graduates who are looking for a rewarding recruitment career might immediately be attempting to move into financial recruitment. This field can be lucrative as well as offer plenty of opportunities. However, the most in-demand area of recruitment has seen a big change over the last few years and is set to maintain course over the next few years. As the industry grows, healthcare is fast becoming a leading area of recruitment to specialise in – here’s why new graduates should look at healthcare recruitment careers now.

Why work in recruitment?

Whatever industry you specialise in, being a recruitment consultant is a highly rewarding role. If you’re motivated and love a challenge you could thrive in a fast-paced recruitment environment. Recruitment is varied work and involves a range of different tasks and responsibilities, as well as demanding targets to hit. If you’re looking for a stimulating and challenging career that gives you autonomy, you might enjoy this industry.

Starting work as a recruitment consultant when you graduate can also set you up for a successful long term career. As well as great financial incentives and benefits, this role also offers fantastic opportunities for development. If you perform well, there are often opportunities to progress into leadership roles whilst continuing to developing your professional skills. If you’re ambitious and committed, it’s possible to build a successful and lasting career in recruitment.

It’s clear that a career in recruitment comes with plenty of advantages. Let’s hone in on why working in healthcare recruitment, in particular, is a top option for new graduates.

A booming healthcare recruitment sector

It’s a great time to start working in healthcare recruitment because the sector is booming. The medical recruitment sector is anticipated to grow globally by 4.5% by 2029. Healthcare demands are also likely to rise as populations throughout the world get older.

Across the globe, this adds up to shortages of qualified healthcare professionals and an increase in the number of medical institutions and centres that need staff. As a consequence, organisations are increasingly turning to recruitment agencies to help them source the right staff, including staff from overseas.

The benefit of outsourcing recruitment in these times is that it gives employers access to a greater pool of talent from across the globe. This makes it easier for them to find the right professionals to strengthen their services. In the UK alone, Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic have led to significant staff shortages, with both public and private healthcare providers turning to recruitment agencies for support.

With the sector predicted to continue growing in the years to come, there’s no better time to start a healthcare recruitment career. During a period when the sector is rapidly developing, you could play a role in shaping its future and contributing to vital healthcare services. With these trends showing throughout the world, joining healthcare recruitment could offer you exciting international opportunities too.

Great financing for the sector

In light of public opinion and the Coronavirus pandemic, the public healthcare sector in the UK is well-financed by the Government, receiving additional funding boosts to support its pandemic response. Coronavirus has put significant pressure on many areas of the NHS, including its staffing needs. With the UK Government investing millions into the NHS, healthcare organisations are better equipped to pay for specialist recruitment services that can help to address staffing demand. This might be another reason why the healthcare recruitment sector is likely to keep growing over the next few years.

The NHS has already demonstrated that it’s making investments in staff recruitment and retention. In 2021, it invested £55 million in staffing for ambulance trusts in England. If the healthcare sector can afford to invest in recruitment services, it frees up a significant amount of time and valuable resources. Doing this can also improve service and staffing levels. Improved funding along with an investment in healthcare recruitment has the potential to strengthen our healthcare services over time.

You can make an impact

Another reason to work in healthcare recruitment is the genuine impact you can make on people’s lives. For example, the healthcare professional you place at the last minute to fill a vacancy in a hospital ensures that patients keep their appointments and receive the care that they need, or help develop lifesaving medical treatments. You might not be a healthcare worker when your role is in recruitment, but the work that you do behind the scenes makes a real contribution to healthcare services.

You can also make an impact in your career through your ethical behaviour. Healthcare recruiting is an industry with high ethical standards. In the UK there is official guidance on ethical recruitment practices for the public and private healthcare and social care sectors. NHS Employers is the organisation for NHS employers in England. They maintain a list of commercial recruitment agencies that adhere to these ethical standards and sometimes conduct checks on agencies. The ethical requirements for working as a healthcare recruitment consultant make it a career you can be proud of.


If you’re looking for graduate jobs London-wide, healthcare recruitment is a great option that can give you genuine job satisfaction. If you want to find out more about graduate jobs in this busy and booming sector, get in touch today. At Globe Locums, we’re a specialist healthcare recruitment agency, based in London and also operating in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. We offer opportunities for ambitious and determined graduates who want to kickstart their careers in healthcare recruiting.

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