Dosimetry jobs salary: An overview of Dosimetrists in the UK

4 May 2021  •  Locum
Dosimetry jobs salary: An overview of Dosimetrists in the UK

Whether you are resident in the UK or you are considering moving to the UK to work in the NHS, one of your primary considerations might be how much you will earn in your career. Dosimetry jobs salary can vary depending on the level of qualifications and experience you have. In the NHS, there are structured pay bands that allow you to move to a higher salary when promoted or when you have worked in a role for a set length of time. NHS jobs London-based pay extra money to account for a higher cost of living. There are various options for the roles you can take within the health service. There are both permanent jobs and locum jobs, depending on the kind of job structure that appeals to you. So, what does working in dosimetry in the UK entail and how much can you earn as a dosimetrist?

What does a dosimetrist do in the UK?

Dosimetrists are medical professionals working with doctors and healthcare staff to develop and administer radiotherapy treatment. They are qualified to deliver doses of radiation to cancer patients and other patients who need radiation treatments. With a prominent role in optimising the efficacy of radiation treatment plans, dosimetrists work collaboratively with medical physicists and radiation oncologists to identify and deliver the optimum treatment for patients. Similar to radiotherapists' jobs in some respects, many dosimetrists start their careers as radiation therapy before receiving further training.

Dosimetry jobs salary

It is a natural question to ask: "How much will I earn as a dosimetrist in the UK?" The NHS pay scale in the UK works on a structured system of various bands. Most dosimetrists are in band 6 or band 7 on the scale. In 2021, the starting salary for a permanent band 6 NHS worker is £31,365. After two years of service, this rises to £33,176 per annum. There is another increase to £37,890 after seven years of working in the NHS. For band 7 dosimetrists, the annual salary starts at £38,890, with workers receiving up to £44,503 a year after seven years of service. High-cost area supplements bolster and augment pay for workers who are based in London and the surrounding areas. The extra payments, intended to account for higher living costs, can range from a minimum of £1,034 for workers living on the fringes of the capital city up to a maximum extra payment of £6,890 for those living within Inner London. Locum dosimetrists in the UK can also earn more as working as a locum tends to garner a higher rate of pay than you would receive in a permanent role. Working as a locum offers other benefits too, such as more flexibility and the potential for a better work/life balance.

What qualifications will I need?

Dosimetrists require a broad understanding of radiation physics, various aspects of oncology and the workings of radiotherapy equipment. There are two different ways to enter into the dosimetry profession. One route is to first complete an undergraduate degree in Physics before undertaking a two-year graduate certificate which entails university attendance in order to gain the required competencies. The second route requires the creation of a portfolio of evidence of competency followed by a final Viva. There are also various Master's degree level programmes in various radiation therapy-related fields too. At the end of the training programmes, dosimetrists can register with the HCPC if they have a background as a radiotherapist. If you’re coming from a medical physics background then you can register with the IPEM. There are various NHS Trusts and hospitals that support this training.

Locum Dosimetry NHS jobs UK: Is there a demand?

There is absolutely a demand for locums in all fields of the medical profession, including dosimetry. Many hospital trusts do not have sufficient permanent and regular staff to account for the constantly increasing demand and the growing number of patients. Furthermore, as dosimetry is a highly specialised medical niche, there will be even more demand for locums in this field to take care of oncology patients and ensure that the right treatment plans are being delivered. Locum jobs UK-based pay extremely well and, especially for anyone moving to the UK from abroad, they will give you the freedom to explore the different opportunities in the NHS and the UK itself. Healthcare recruitment firms are a fantastic option for allowing you to find a job that suits your skills and ambitions. Locum jobs offer exceptional flexibility and variety of working conditions and so may appeal to you if this is something that you are seeking within your career.

How can I find a dosimetry job?

An excellent route for finding your ideal role is to use healthcare recruitment agencies. A trusted and reliable agency makes searching for permanent and locum roles easy, whether you are in the UK or abroad. Using an agency to find work makes the whole process a lot easier and more streamlined and takes the worry out of looking for work. This can deliver a role that will allow you to enjoy job satisfaction by pursuing a career that opens up many varied opportunities.

How can Globe Locums help me find a dosimetry job?

Globe Locums is founded on an ethos of hard work, honesty, transparency and integrity. Good business practice and solid working relationships are paramount for helping our candidates find roles that are perfectly suited to their skills and ambitions so they can establish successful careers in the medical field. With Globe Locum's easily navigable site, you can explore the vacancies in your field, identifying both permanent and locum dosimetry positions that are of interest to you. There is helpful information listed with each vacancy regarding NHS pay band level for the role as well as information about the location of the job and the salary or hourly pay. For permanent and locum dosimetry jobs and a variety of other locum jobs UK-wide in the medical profession, contact Globe Locums.

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