Working in the UK during Covid: An insight from a Kiwi Dietitian

20 June 2021  •  Working Abroad
Working in the UK during Covid: An insight from a Kiwi Dietitian

If you’re a healthcare worker and you’re looking to make a move to the UK to work then you’ll be please to find out that the “rite of passage” working holiday visa allowing Australians to work and travel in the United Kingdom when international borders reopen will be retained and extended to people aged 35 under a new free trade deal.

We have spoken to a number of our locums to get you the inside scoop into what it’s been like to come to the UK for work during Covid. To kick things off, we have asked Briar, a Locum Dietitian from New Zealand to share her insights. 

Q. What made you decide to come back to the UK now rather than staying out in New Zealand longer until everything had opened up?

A. Due to my Tier 5 Visa ticking away and no way of getting it extended while being in New Zealand (as well as no end in sight of New Zealand's borders opening up) I decided to return to the UK - this was a great opportunity to work with different people and under a different healthcare system. I also wanted to continue to travel even if I knew that might just be restricted to the UK for a little while.

Q. How easy was it to secure work?

A. It was very easy to secure work and I was able to get experience in areas that I may not have been able to prior to the pandemic

Q. Are you planning any travel to the Green list countries?

A. Yes! I have Iceland booked.

Q. What would your advice be to any Aussie/Kiwi keen to come here for a working holiday, but unsure due to Covid, etc.?

A. The UK is opening up and returning to some/a new normality. I think the media in New Zealand paints a bleak picture of the UK at the moment and have instilled a fear in the population, but don’t let that deter you. If you come over now you will find cheaper places to live, increasing job opportunities and fewer tourists to compete with. As long as you are prepared to wear a face mask a little more often and accept that you cannot go home as you please, get on that flight and enjoy this amazing country and hopefully the rest of Europe soon!

Looking to come to the UK for a working holiday? 

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants regarding locums positions during your UK working holiday, please contact us here, or view our latest jobs.

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