An Aussie's Top 4 Reasons To Locum in the UK

14 November 2016  •  Working Abroad
An Aussie's Top 4 Reasons To Locum in the UK

Working & Travelling in the UK

I wanted to share my experiences working and travelling in the UK. As a qualified Australian Radiotherapy clinician who has many years’ experience working at home in Brisbane, I can tell you honestly that moving to the UK for 2 years on a Youth Mobility Visa was one of the best and most exciting decisions I have made! If you don’t believe me, ask someone who has been!! Was I wrong??

Here is why:

1. Rate of Pay

• As a Locum worker, you can earn a similar rate in £££ as you do in $$$ (You only have to google the exchange rate to realise this is
• You can offset a great deal of your expenses using a LTD company to reduce the tax you pay significantly!!

2. Inflate your skill set

• Get ready to work in departments throughout the UK with access to equipment & technology you have only read about (we need to thank the Dutch and Germans for this – not the English)
• You will learn about so many different cultures and languages by simply going to work and talking to both your patients and colleagues. It’s mind blowing! And believe it or not, they are generally more interested in hearing about what happens in Australia than you treating them!!

3. Travel

• 2 years is not enough! You will leave work on Friday afternoon and spend the weekend in a totally different country. With the money I was earning I didn’t have to think twice about going away. If someone said ‘would you like to come to…’ It was a ‘yes’ from me.

4. Making lifelong friends

• It’s amazing how you open yourself up to making new friends. Every Aussie and Kiwi travelling has the frame of mind and will be happy to have a drink or 3 after work or at the weekend (plus we all know the ‘Poms’ will show up for a pint). Additionally, as I have said, you will find ‘foreigners’ are genuinely interested in hearing about our home and travel experiences.

It’s natural to be nervous about moving to the other side of the world… After all, it’s pretty far. This is where my experience can help. If you want to get in touch with me yourself to either learn more about a working holiday, or share your experiences with me, please email me – [email protected]

Alternatively you can pass on the details of someone you know who may be interested in working in the UK. Even if they are unsure, there is no harm in them having a chat to me. You will be recorded on our system as the referrer, and if they land a job with us (even if it’s years later), you will receive a very generous referral bonus. By referring more people, the bonuses will increase in value (paid for a summer trip to Spain and Greece for me). You can cross-refer to other healthcare disciplines including:

• Sonography
• Radiography
• Cardiology
• Physiotherapy
• Nursing
• Dietetics
• Doctors
• OT
• Radiotherapy

Please feel free to have anyone get in touch with me with any questions or queries on [email protected] or send me a ‘WhatsApp’ message on +447460 092 907 so I can give you a call at a time that suits you.

I hope to hear from you soon! Happy travels!

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