Agency Theatre Nurse Careers Toolkit – The Definitive Guide To Working as an Agency Theatre Nurse

20 December 2023  •  Locum
Agency Theatre Nurse Careers Toolkit – The Definitive Guide To Working as an Agency Theatre Nurse

Theatre nurses work alongside surgeons and operating teams to assist in surgical procedures. There are lots of different specialisations found within this role, from cosmetic surgery to obstetrics, but the focus of the role is always on working with the operating team to ensure a successful surgery. In this guide, we’re going to look in-depth at the role of an agency theatre nurse, including earnings potential and the best places to find agency and locum work as a theatre nurse.

About Theatre Nursing in the UK

Theatre nursing in the UK is a diverse career path, giving you the chance to work with patients of all ages across each phase of their perioperative care. You’ll work in a variety of settings including operating theatres, on-ward procedures and recovery areas for patients.

Just like other nurses in the UK, theatre nurses will need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). This is to maintain high professional standards in your role and keep you updated with the latest changes in the profession. Another important aspect of working in this role is working through continuous professional development and training so that you’re providing the best level of care possible to patients. 

What is Locum Work?

Working as an agency theatre nurse means that you’ll be undertaking locum work, which is a unique employment setup. Essentially, you’ll work in temporary roles across a wide variety of clinical settings based on your preferences. It is an increasingly popular way to find job opportunities that suit your lifestyle and career path. It also offers a number of notable benefits, such as:

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