5 Ways To Adapt To A New Work Culture As A Locum

1 June 2019  •  Locum
5 Ways To Adapt To A New Work Culture As A Locum

Whether you’re moving to work in a new hospital, or moving to a new country to pursue a Locum healthcare position as part of your working holiday, before you begin your professional adventure, you may want to think about ways you can adapt to your new work culture. After all, no two environments are the same, especially when there’s geographical (and cultural) distance between what you’re used to, and what you’re getting into. 

Whether you’re entering a hospital or a community-based practice, here are our tips on adapting to your new workplace:

1. Absorb and use your induction training

Let’s face it. Induction training in any workplace can be a little tedious. And this is usually because you’re being told information that, surely, is just common sense! But as a Locum, there might be vital information available to you during the induction that you may not have known before. Even the most basic policies can differ dramatically to what you’re used. To be prepared and confident within your new Locum role, we recommend you pay close attention during your induction and ask as many questions as you can. 

2. Be open to change

There is no way that your new placement is going to be identical to your previous experience. The best way to adapt to change is to be open to it. Everybody has to start somewhere, and as a Locum, you have to take on a lot of responsibility in a short space of time. Resisting change or arguing against the processes might only make this worse. Therefore, adjust your mind-set so that you are open to learning and gaining new skills.

3. Sign up to non-compulsory training

Every healthcare worker undertakes training within a new workplace. But you may be offered non-compulsory training too. If so, you might be wise to learn as much as possible via these opportunities. Everything from data handling to sharps management can differ from what you’re used to back home. Going on these training sessions can give you the insights you need to make good decisions in your new workplace and adapt better to the team you’re working in. Get in touch with the Globe Locums team today to find out more about the complementary training we provide too.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

While there is some expectation that as a Locum Healthcare Professional you will hit the ground running, you are not a mind reader. If you have questions about policy, procedures, the team dynamics or team processes, it’s better to ask, even if you might feel silly. How you worked back at your previous assignment is not always going to work with where you’re working now, so it’s only natural that questions will pop up. Remember that knowledge is power and you are very unlikely to be judged for the nature of your question.

5. Use your supervision

Your supervisor is there to guide and support you while you’re in your locum position. While it might be tempting to use supervision sessions to impress your supervisor, there is no harm in expressing vulnerabilities. If you’re having any challenges adapting to the new environment, speak up! This is your chance to be heard, receive guidance and resolve any minor issues.

Let us help. At Globe Locums, you can find the perfect job for you, tailored to your skill set and requirements. Click here find your next Locum job today!

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