5 UK cities you may never work in as a locum unless you read this article...

29 July 2022  •  Locum
5 UK cities you may never work in as a locum unless you read this article...

The United Kingdom... four countries in one! It can be confusing, but the different cultural identities of countries in the UK and the ease of moving between them is quite unique. One of the joys of being in the United Kingdom is the incredible variety of places you can live in, work in, and travel to. Landscape, culture and accents change rapidly as you move across the country, and there's no better way to immerse yourself in a new city than by taking a locum job and getting to know the area and people who live there.

Let's take a look at five of the best cities in the UK and why you might want to consider taking a healthcare job there.


The West Country! Bristol is a fantastic place to work: it's ranked third in the UK behind London and Manchester in terms of average salary, yet the cost of living is certainly lower than London.

Bristol has a thriving social and cultural scene with a relaxed vibe: coffee culture has been a part of the Bristolian social scene since the 1800s and a new generation of ‘hipsters’ (especially in the trendy Clifton area) has taken off in the last few years. The West Country is also rightly famous for cider, so the city is full of charming old pubs and has plenty to entertain—including, of course, browsing art galleries and looking for street art by local boy Banksy.

Property prices in Bristol are reasonable compared to many cities in the UK and there is a good mix of flats and charming, colourful terraced houses—making it a striking and beautiful city to live and work in. Views of and from Bristol are spectacular, set on the hill with the famous suspension bridge framing the city.

Job prospects for healthcare workers in Bristol are great: after a merger of trusts, the new University Hospitals and Weston Trust deliver over 100 different clinical services across 10 sites, caring for a patient base of around 500,000, plus several private hospitals and clinics.


There’s much more to Canterbury than the cathedral! It’s a small city but a beautiful one, with some stunning medieval architecture and a lovely village feel to many areas both in the city centre and some of the surrounding suburbs. There is a big student population, providing a vibrant and bustling coffee culture, and there is no better place in the world to be able to easily enjoy choral and classical music.

The beautiful Kent countryside is within very easy reach for walking and hiking, and it’s a great base to explore more of the country, including easy transport links to the coast for swimming, sailing and the world-famous oyster festival at Whitstable.

The East Kent Hospitals University Trust is one of the largest acute trusts in the UK, providing plenty of job opportunities for locums. The cost of living is significantly less than many other UK cities and a locum salary offers you the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic quality of life.


Glasgow is the second city of Scotland: a bustling, vibrant city with a culture all of its own. It’s a cultural centre with a thriving student scene of bars, pubs, and music venues, and it was voted one of the world’s friendliest cities by Rough Guides.

A centre for art, the city centre is full of stunning architecture: Charles Rennie Mackintosh is one of the world’s great artist-architects and his stamp is visible all over the city.

In terms of job prospects, the NHS in Scotland has the reputation of being the most efficient in the United Kingdom and is often held up as an example of how healthcare should be run. Greater Glasgow and Clyde is the largest health board in the UK, meaning jobs are always available for anyone looking to travel for a locum job. If you’re considering Glasgow as an option for your next locum position, read our top tips for health professionals working in Glasgow.


The capital of Wales, Cardiff is a wonderful city to live in—especially for sports fans! There are world-class stadiums for rugby, cricket, football, athletics, and ice sports for spectators, and if participating in sports is more your thing there will undoubtedly be a local club for you to join. For arts fans, the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff is the country’s premier performing arts centre, hosting events for music, ballet, circus, opera and musicals: if your favourite big artist is touring it’s almost certain they will be playing in Cardiff. There are also great smaller venues, like The Gate.

In terms of jobs, Cardiff is home to the School of Healthcare Sciences at Cardiff University, which contributes to the thriving healthcare industry in the area, alongside several private hospitals and primary care clinics and, of course, one of three major NHS trusts in Wales.

Housing is easy to come by and there is a great range of options, varying between lovely big Victorian houses and fabulous city centre flats.


If you’re looking to live in a small city with unrivalled access to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, Inverness is the only place to consider. Considered the capital of the Highlands, Inverness is a short trip away from spectacular walking and cycling and in easy reach of Aviemore for skiing in the winter. It’s often cited as the happiest place in Scotland to live!

Housing in Inverness is lovely: there are large areas of beautiful Victorian houses with gables and pinnacles, plus beautiful riverside properties with stunning views of the seven bridges that cross the River Ness.

The economy in Inverness has experienced huge growth in the last few years, largely due to the tech and healthcare sectors, meaning locum jobs are readily available. The sector is thriving, offering great salaries alongside a fabulous relaxing quality of life.

So, are you ready? Take a think about where in the UK you would like to explore and how a locum job can help you to relocate for a long or a short time. These are five fantastic cities, but there is much more the country can offer! When you’re ready to take the next step in your locum career, click here to look at our latest healthcare jobs.

Image by Martyna Bober via Unsplash

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