5 Tips For Aspiring Locum Radiographers

16 August 2020  •  Locum
5 Tips For Aspiring Locum Radiographers

Are you a Radiographer looking for locum healthcare work in the UK? Locum radiography work is a booming industry in the UK and there is a high demand for skilled staff. We have interviewed 3 fantastic Locum Radiographers who have shared interesting tips and experiences for those thinking about making the move. Here are our top five tips for radiographers looking for locum work in the UK.

1. Look at all of your location options

Locum radiography work provides opportunities everywhere from big cities like London to smaller, charming towns like Elgin.
Whilst our existing Locums have chosen a huge variety of towns and cities to work in, some of the radiographers we interviewed had specific favourites.

Locum Radiographer, Ricardo, said "My favourite location has to be Oxford. Even though life can be more expensive [in Oxford] than other places, I like the social aspect more and have had the chance to progress to an MRI job very quickly as new staff are always needed."

Contrastingly, Locum Radiographer, Raquel, told us that her favourite town is Eastbourne, which is situated on the coast and offers quintessential Britishness.

If you're still unsure about where might be the best location for your next job and you don't want somewhere quite as busy as London, read our article showcasing the top 5 places to work outside of the UK's capital!

2. Find your ideal job options

When interviewing Locum Radiographers about their benefits of job options in the UK, many of them mentioned the opportunity to learn new skills and develop professionally. Ricardo told us, “In the vast majority of the cases, workplaces will be appreciate the work and knowledge a Locum has. Therefore they will have more chances to progress in their careers, which is something that is very difficult in Portugal.”

The next step of your exciting journey should be visit the job search tool at Globe Locums. This will allow you to search not only the specific field and career you’re looking for, but also your desired location and job type. The job type options are locum, fixed permanent, and temporary. This is your journey and it can be as long or as short as you like!

3. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude

Of course, this will be a new experience so there will be some small adjustments. Saying that, the resounding feedback we get from our Locums is that they feel welcomed and comfortable very quickly within their placement. Coworkers are excited to meet new employees, especially if they have come from a very different healthcare setting! Locum Radiographer, Tibor, said “Local staff are usually friendly, they do not care about your accent, being an expat makes me feel a bit special. Moving and working in another country is a big challenge, and made me feel like I was really living my life the best I can”. Knowledge, skills, and hard work are appreciated and rewarded with career progression opportunities.

If you’re feeling like there aren’t as many opportunities for you in your current location, locum work can be exactly what your career needs. The work is fulfilling and fair, the pay is good, and the job security as a locum worker in the UK is much stronger than fixed term contracts that many other European countries provide.

4. Know that you’re never too far from home

Currently, the UK travel regulations are still flexible and traveling to and from the United Kingdom is as easy as catching a train. If you leave family behind, they can easily visit you or you can spend vacations easily visiting them. Also, as a locum worker, many companies understand that some family members may be a plane ride away and are willing to work with employees should something arise in his or her home country. A good salary which is more common with locuming also allows for flexible travel and vacations!

For more information on maximising your salary as a locum worker, this article is an excellent resource. Locum work not only provides a steady career with excellent connections and opportunity for experience, but it also provides a good salary and new experiences.

5. Use your resources!

Planning a big move can often feel overwhelming but you’re not alone on this journey! You can call one of our experts at +44 (0) 207 229 2620 or look on our website radiography jobs. If you’re a radiographer looking for UK radiography jobs, or medical professional considering branching out, our professional teams are here to help you on this next, exciting chapter of your life!

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