5 things you may not have thought of doing on your U.K. working holiday

2 October 2014  •  Working Abroad
5 things you may not have thought of doing on your U.K. working holiday

1. Skiing in Scotland!

A bit of a skier or boarder? With recent improvements in snow conditions Scotland's ski resorts are fast becoming a great place to nip to for a bit of a winter weekend slalom. Whether beginner or hardened off-pister, there's something for all tastes at the Nevis Range Mountain Resort, arguably one of the best in Scotland and easily accessible from Inverness or Glasgow airports, with onward connections across the U.K!

2. Find Camelot

From Tintagel on the the sea-swept Cornish coast to the misty, wild Yorkshire moors, the true location of King Arthur's Camelot has baffled academics and fans of the great Arthurian legend for years. Although you may not find its exact location, the exploration of some of these mythical sites in itself offers a fun day-trip or weekend in which to immerse yourself in one of the U.K.'s best known legends of knights and magic. Both are within easy distance of London by train, or why not hire a car and follow the Devonshire and Cornish coast to Tintagel, stopping along the way for a Cornish Pasty and thermos of coffee atop a cliff overlooking one of many dramatic seascapes England has to offer.

3. Hire a barge on the Norfolk Broads

Fancy a slower pace of life from your locum job in the city? Hiring a barge on the Norfolk Broads is easy, cheap and simple. You can put-put your way through stunning nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, and slowly drift between cute East Anglian towns dating back to the time of the first Roman settlements. And with prices from £250 a week for bed and transport, what better way to explore this part of the U.K and zen-out on the waters of this peaceful, ancient land. Norwich, an excellent starting point on your Norfolk adventure, is easily accessible from London and the Midlands by road and train.

4. Discover a gin house

Gin, once called 'mother's ruin' and responsible for some of the greatest works and literature of the Victorian period, is one of London's proudest alcoholic achievements. So why not sample a bit of the nightlife and celebrate the end of the week, Victorian style, with a trip to The London Gin Club in Soho, an establishment firmly dedicated to the enjoyment of Gin. There may not be as many 'palaces' to this much loved tipple as there were in the early 1800s, but there are certainly a lot of swanky bars dedicated to its appreciation and where you can learn a bit more about this fascinating piece of British history. (Warning: Globe Locums cannot be held responsible for any learning after your third, or fourth!)

5. Surf the south coast

Left Perth or Bondi Beach behind? Missing catching a few waves after or before work? Well you will be pleased to know that the South Coast of England boast some excellent surf sites, particularly towards Devon and Cornwall, with the added bonus of zero Great White Shark population (though you may encounter a few sea lions or the odd pod of dolphin). Favourite sites at Globe include the areas around Newquay and Teignmouth, or closer to London on the coasts of Hampshire and Sussex. Be sure to check the tides and weather conditions before you set out to avoid disappointment, the British weather as you know can be mild to unpredictable!
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