5 reasons why 2015 is the year to live, work and travel in the UK & Europe

17 December 2014  •  Working Abroad
5 reasons why 2015 is the year to live, work and travel in the UK & Europe

Here's our top 5 reasons why 2015 could be an awesome year to live, work and travel in the UK & Europe!

1. Economy officially in recovery

Ok so we've been in a bit of a downturn for a while and has without affected the amount of jobs out there in the healthcare market but folks, we're officially in recovery. Already we're seeing signs of companies hiring more staff again. For jobs check in your healthcare profession click he

2. General Election year

Politically 2015 will be a fascinating year to be in the UK. Will it be the blue Conservatives who stay in power or will we see a new government emerge with Labour? Whoever wins, the NHS will be a huge battle ground for all the major parties!

3. Rugby World Cup

It's Rugby World Cup year and the UK are playing hosts. Will the All Blacks dominate or will we see the underdog emerge triumphant. Our tip is to watch out for Wales or England, but we would say that!

4. The Queen breaking records

If by Sept 10th 2015 Queen Elizabeth is still reigning she will surpass her great great grandmother Queen Victoria as Britain's longest reigning monarch.

5. In Back To The Future part 2

1989 check out the date that Dr Emmett Brown & Marty travel to. The date they travel to is 21/10/2015! In this year the film depicts a future with hover boards and flying cards. Ok so we're not quite there yet but the UK is a hub for technology and business. Many feel that London is the Rome of today. Come and see what you think!

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