5 great reasons Sonographers should consider working in NW England

9 December 2014  •  Working Abroad
5 great reasons Sonographers should consider working in NW England

BMUS Ultrasound Conference in Manchester

This week Globe Locums are heading to the BMUS Ultrasound conference in Manchester, and we've been thinking about what makes the North West of England such a great place to work, particularly in a lucrative area such as Sonography. Here's 5 great reasons you should consider working in the North West:

1 - The people. For some reason, the minute you pass Milton Keynes on the M1 you begin to notice a change in the air. Northerner's are renowned for their friendliness, and once here you begin to understand why that is. The north of England has a rich history of industry, now sadly lost, but that community spirit of hard-work and play remains. So you can be sure to never feel too lonely up here. The locals won't allow it!

2 - Manchester. This is a truly remarkable city. It reminds some of us of New York or those North Western cities in the United States: chilled, liberal and with an evening / cultural scene to even put London to shame. Some of the best bars in the world are located here, in addition to some top restaurants, shopping districts and an unrivalled LGBT scene located on the ridiculously fun, world famous Canal Street (a must if you're here)

3 - Cost. The North of England is a lot cheaper to live in than the south. That means more beer money, or a little something extra to put into the holiday / travel fund!

4 - The Lake District. If you've arrived in the UK and haven't yet googled this, you really should: stunning scenery and outdoor adventures to rival even that of New Zealand ;) (and only an hour or so away from some of the North West's biggest cities)

5 - The coastline. The beaches of the North West are some of the most sparsely beautiful and dramatic in the UK. With literally miles and miles of vast, open sandy shores and shallow waters, this stretch of coastline can be easily accessed from Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster and North Wales, and is a great place to let off some steam from your busy working day.

But that's just the beginning. If you want more information about working in the North West or other parts of the UK and Ireland call +44 (0) 20 7229 2620, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and locum jobs at Globe!

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