Compliance for UK

Compliance needed to work in the United Kingdom 

In order to complete your registration for work in the UK, you will need to be compliant in line with the rules set by our national health department. We will require you to provide us with the following before starting a locum position here with us.

  • Copy of Passport (we are required to view your original, or a verified copy for the CRB)
  • Proof of eligibility to work in UK (if not UK or EU passport holder)
  • Two Professional References (from most recent employers)
  • Copies of two utility bills (for proof of address in the UK)
  • Signed Application Forms
  • Up to date CV (comprehensive - without breaks in employment)
  • Two Passport Photos for I.D Badge
  • Proof of Professional Body Registration (for example HPC)
  • Qualifications (copies of all relevant certificates)
  • CRB enhanced Check
  • Police check from Country of Origin (must be within 3 months of arriving in UK)
  • Proof of immunity for Hep B (laboratory/serology report under 5 years old (blood test) of Titre level)
  • Proof of immunity for Rubella (lab/serology report (blood test) showing positive immunity or evidence of 2 MMRs)
  • Proof of immunity for Varicella (self declaration of having had chickenpox or shingles, or a lab report showing positive immunity).
  • Proof of Tuberculosis immunity (written proof that BCG scar been sighted by OH Nurse/Doctor or TB skin test under 2 years old)
  • Proof of immunity for Measles and Mumps (lab/serology report (blood test) showing positive immunity or evidence of 2 MMRs).
  • Manual Handling and Basic Life Support training certificates (must be less than 1 year old)

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the candidates to ensure they are compliant prior to starting their contracts with Globe Locums. Our consultants are on hand to advise on the best routes to achieving this in the allotted time frame from registration to placement.

Passports & Visas

If you are unsure on your eligibility to work in the UK, please visit the website of the UK Government Home Office.

Details of applying for Visas can be found at:

Click here for more info on requirements to work in Australia or New Zealand 

For work in Ireland click here 

State Registration (AHP/HSS)

If you are an overseas applicant it is important that you apply for your British State Registration as soon as possible. State Registration can take up to six months so it’s best to get your application in well in advance

Health Professions Council

184 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4BU
Tel: 020 7582 0866
Fax: 020 7920 9684

Fit To Work

In line with the Department of Health Guidelines candidates looking to Locum in the UK are required to produce a Fit To Work certicate. In order to obtain this we need you to make sure you have the following immunity.

  • Varicella - Immunisation report/Antibody results/Self Declaration form.
  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella – evidence of two MMR vaccinations or a serology report stating immunity/ showing antibody level
  • Tuberculosis - Proof of BCG immunisation or positive Mantoux test (grade 2).
  • Hepatitis B - Antibodies report.

HIV and Hepatitis C

In line with new Department of Health guidelines, we need to offer candidates the opportunity for HIV and Hepatitis C screening, including those who do not perform exposure prone procedures. IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO UNDERGO SCREENING. If you do not wish to be screened, please indicate this on the questionnaire in the application pack. This will not affect your fitness to work.

CRB Check

As part of your application you’ll need to complete a CRB form which will be included in your application pack. The cost of the CRB is £56-00. Please send us a cheque made payable to Globe Locums Ltd when you post us back the pack. 

Mandatory Training

You will need to show evidence of Annual Training. If you haven’t had any within the last 12 months we will need to organize for you to attend one of our training sessions. 

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