Top 5 Reasons Aussies Should Head To The UK To Work

Posted July 21st, 2015 by jamesd (0 comments)

As the economy declines in the Southern Hemisphere, Aussie healthcare professionals look to the UK for work, and here’s 5 reasons why

1. The exchange Rate is over $2 to the Pound. That means you earn more for your hours when earning in sterling, so that means more cash for enjoying the UK and traveling throughout Europe in your time off from clinical hours.

2. We have planned our work force poorly over the last 5 years due to our own recession, so the UK currently has lots of jobs and top-rate vacancies opening up almost constantly. This means choice, variation and the opportunity to gain experience across multiple areas and in diverse settings.

3. Europe is full of exciting trips to be had, particularly with the Rugby World Cup on the horizon and the current financial uncertainty in Europe meaning tourist destinations are more keen than ever to offer the best deals to attract visitors who might otherwise shy away. Perfect for the intrepid backpacker among us!

4. Aussie graduates in clinical sciences and healthcare professions are increasingly coming to the UK as soon as they graduate rather than stay in Oz. The idea of a working holiday is appealing - but we have found a lot of Aussie’s continuing to stay and even settle here. Perhaps it’s the appeal of a European hub, or the charm of the English (we can’t quite tell) but what we do know is that the opportunities are abundant and if you are a hard worker and keen to make the most of your time, then London is a relaxed, global city for starting your adventure.

5. Aussies are received with open arms by our NHS because of the skills they have due to the outstanding training and state-of-the-art facilities that they know they are provided. That means hospitals and clinics are keen to have you. And with the number of perm and locum positions opening up there’s never been a better time to join.

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