Top 3 Places For Physiotherapists To Work In The U.K.

Posted June 5th, 2019 by James Dodwell (0 comments)

If you are a physiotherapist planning on visiting the U.K on a Working Holiday Visa, you might be curious about the best U.K destinations locum physiotherapists can work. There are many things to consider before taking your pick, such as the type of patient you want to work with, the environment you prefer to live in and your overall aspirations as a physiotherapist.

The great news is, the U.K is a highly diverse place. No matter what your career plans are, whether you want to work in paediatrics, geriatrics, within a hospital or within the community, the U.K can offer you a city or town that will meet your professional needs.
Here are our top 3 places for physiotherapists to work in the U.K. 

1. Dorset

Many areas in Dorset have a higher than average need for physiotherapists due to its ageing population. The county’s appeal to men and women of retirement age makes it especially desirable to physiotherapists who aspire to work with older people, especially within the community. A picturesque part of the U.K, Dorset comprises of stunning little towns including Bournemouth, Gillingham, Lyme Regis, Shaftsbury and Swanage. If you find yourself turned off by the idea of working within an inner city smog, Dorset is the place to be. You can look for physiotherapy jobs in Dorset by clicking here.

2. Bristol

If you want a physiotherapy job with much variety, the diverse population of Bristol could be especially appealing. With great health inequalities across the city, you will have no end to the types of injuries and conditions you see. Bristol has a fascinating heritage too, as well as a lively nightlife, an extremely friendly and accepting culture and quaint neighbouring villages you can escape to at the end of a long week. And with a multitude of hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries, you’ll be able to fully explore your job prospects. To find the perfect physiotherapy job in Bristol, click here.

3. Southampton

Located in beautiful Hampshire, Southampton is a historic city with fantastic prospects for physiotherapists. Why? According to The Complete University Guide, Southampton University ranks at the top of the list for aspiring physiotherapists. This means that you’ll be in good company should you wish to work in Southampton as a physiotherapist. Or, if you wish to further your education while on your working visa (providing you gain the relevant permissions to do so) you will have immediate access to the best ranked university in your field. To find a physiotherapy job in Southampton, click here.

We can help. If you are a physiotherapist wanting to move to the U.K as a locum, we can offer you a multitude of options to fit with your professional and personal goals. Click here to be redirected to our job search facility where you can find the perfect placement for you. Alternatively, if you have any questions about working in the U.K, you can contact us directly.